You may have already won $10,000,000!

Yahoo - In an odd turn of events, Ed McMahon is $644,000 behind in mortgage payments and is fighting foreclosure. It looks like someone needs the American Family Publisher's Sweepstakes bus to drive up to HIS door.

In related American Family Publishers news, Richard Lusk, an 88-year-old California man, flew across the country to Tampa, Florida, last week, persuaded that he had won $11 million in the American Family Publishers sweepstakes.

Although he had flown there in October on a similar mission and suffered a stroke the day after his return, Mr. Lusk again paid $1,700 for an airplane ticket. He wanted to hand-deliver his "winning" entry to the return address on a letter that declared: "Richard Lusk, Final Results Are In, and They're Official: You're Our Newest $11 Million Winner." Mr. Lusk, reports the Los Angeles Times, did not see the small print that said he had won only if he had the winning number. "I didn't see how I could be wrong," he said this week.

He was not alone. At least 20 people, most of them elderly, have flown to Florida in recent years seeking to claim fortunes, Tampa airport officials say.

Another great reason to have children! They may just save us some cash otherwise spent on a few unnecessary airplane trips when we're older and our judgment is shot.

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Awww I feel bad for them!