For the health of it

I know how difficult it is to break habits, and especially so in the area of food. If you, like me, are in a rut full of the fresh fruits and vegetables that are now in season, here's some help! We love the summer sun, but its a challenge to get needed calories in your summer squash, amazing fruits, fresh salads, and refreshing Gazpacho. I've come up with some creative ways to help fortify your summer fare, which hopefully you'll like for more reasons than just the added available energy. It may take your taste buds a day or two to get used to the added salt, fats, and sugars, but it WILL come, if you give it a chance:

Rhubarb pie
Strawberries dipped in milk chocolate

Lemon meringue pie with a garnish of mint and a slice of lemon

Green bean casserole

Carrots with a mayo-based ranch dip

Broccoli florets with melted Velveeta cheese

Blueberry crepes with a healthy helping of real whipped cream

Banana bread

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