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Nose Hair: A CAUSE for real concern

Maybe I’m alone on this, but I think this world would better off with less nose hair. This wasn’t a issue of interest for me ten years ago, but now, although I still can’t grow a meaningful beard, if I’m not vigilant, within a week I look like I’m transporting a pair of Italians in my nose. Battery operated nose hair trimmers? It’s like sticking the little engine that could up my nose, but only this time he can’t. I’m stuck with ripping those dastardly little cliffhangers out with a pair of pliers. Every week the problem grows and what once took minutes now eats up several hours a week What I really need, what America needs, is a permanent solution to
our nose hair woes!

All that I’m saying is that nose hair is a serious problem, but nobody seems to be addressing it, not Obama, not McCain, not even Ralph Nader. The problem as I see it is that no celebrities have taken up the charge. No celebrity can afford to admit they have a nose hair problem, but this affects stars just like everyone else. If only a man like George Clooney would step up to bat and admit his nose hair problem. Clooney could bring this issue the attention it deserves. Am I the only one who wonders if Tom Cruise would have married Katie Holmes if she had an armpit growing out of her nose? What if she hadn’t had timely access to reliable nose hair removal procedures just before she met Tom? Would life be worth living without little Suri in the World? I know, it’s tough to think about such serious matters, but we must; we must!

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Alice said...

Sorry kiddo - I've got news for you. We can put a man on the moon but can't figure out a decent method of cheap, permanent hair removal. *sigh as I look at my hairy kneecaps*

Meg said...

Nose hairs can kind of be pushed up in there. It's the hair coming out of the ears that drives me crazy.

Anonymous said...

See, this is why I grew my beard (and its not an internet person beard, either).

Nose hair camouflage.

Chat Blanc (aka Sandy) said...

holy crap! pulling nose hairs out with a pliers?! Reading that makes my eyes water! yikes!

Anonymous said...

This is so true. I have the same problem! I would appreciate an expanded article on all hair remove. Speaking hypotheically, I have "heard" that back hair can be especially troublesome to remove. "My friend" said that waxing was a possibility, but very painful. Electrolics costs some green backs. Are there other low tech options? Is it true that rubbing used motor oil on my back will help? Or is this a wives-tail?

Back Hair

Stephanie M said...

Dear Anonymous,

Too bad about the back hair. I am sorry to disappoint you, but I think the used motor oil idea is a nasty rumor spread by people who hate you - better watch your back! (ha ha)

You may want to check out my recent blog post which has some good pointers about waxing: http://nocleaninghere.blogspot.com/2008/07/10-beauty-tips-for-poor-desperate-woman.html

Brad P. said...

I didn't realize George Clooney had a nose hair problem ... somehow I feel much closer to him now.

Bee said...

Maybe if Paris Hilton got involved people would listen. She is the voice of the hairless generation.