Housework Alert and Egyptian Porn in the News

GORHAM, Maine - Mara Ranger was removing clothes from the washing machine at her Maine farmhouse Wednesday, and the clothes moved. She jumped back and saw a snake. She quickly shut the lid and called for help.

Maine Animal Damage Control operator Richard Burton reached into the machine and pulled and pulled — all 8 feet of a reticulated python. Burton guesses the snake got into Ranger's washing machine through water pipes. This is EXACTLY why I can't recommend doing housework.

(CAIRO (AFP) In other news, it has been determined that the Muslim custom of covering heads to protect the women from tempting men isn't working, and may in fact, have the opposite effect. According to a poll of 2,020 people, almost half of Egyptian women are sexually harassed on a daily basis with more than half of Egyptian men admitting lewd behaviour, the Egyptian Centre for Women's Rights said on Thursday.

Most of the 83% Egyptian women and 98% of foreign women who've been harassed said they were harassed in the street or on public transport, with harassment defined as "any unwelcome behaviour of a sexual nature which makes women feel uneasy and gives them a feeling of insecurity."

Abul Qomsan said that almost two-thirds of Egyptian men -- 62 percent -- admitted harassing women, including those wearing Islamic headscarves. "This shows that the belief that harassment is linked to women who wear indecent clothing is false," she said, in an apparent "ah-ha" moment.



Mindi said...

muslim playboy!!


Anonymous said...

Do you mean to tell me that the harsh, misogynistic practices of Islamic law don't work?

I am shocked.