Just Discovered: The NEW Flubber

While promoting this race yesterday, I had the good fortune to sit next to a booth selling these:

Just like flubber, Z-coils gain energy when they strike a hard surface. I am fairly certain they were invented by this man:
Similar to the Professor, you'll gain elevation each time you jump up and down. Before you know it, you will be able to leap over one of these:
Or win one of these:
Z - Coils only cost $200 (coils aren't cheap, after all), and soon, everyone who's anyone will be wearing them. Just remember that you found out about them here first.



Mindi said...

ohhhhhhhh, how i hate those shoes!!! we used to have a guy in our ward that wore the black pair to church every sunday. they made me wanna vomit.

thanks for that--just copied that picture to put on my "things i don't like" post.

Stephanie M said...

Be careful what you say - one day you might have back pain and you'll end up sporting a pair of the hiker coils because they FEEL SO GOOD! ;)

Jeremy said...

i love hookers