Not a TRAVIS-ty

I love love love TRAVIS (I have 2 songs in my blog player over yonder). I can't get enough of my favorite (or should I say favourite?) cd right now - 'The Boy With No Name'. iTunes describes this band from Glasgow as Radiohead-lite because they are, kind of. And they have the same producer.

I've made a little music continuum so you can see where I think Travis fits on the plane of simplicity vs. intensity compared to some of my other favourites. Feel free to dispute as I consider myself the worst of the worst when it comes to being any sort of music connoisseur. I also threw in something I've never told anyone: my secret all-time #1 album. ELO's Balance of Power LP which came out in 1986. I wonder if this is like admitting I love Rick Astley and/or Air Supply? It is, isn't it? Well, now you know what's in me. Probably the only reason I DON'T listen to the RA or AS is because I have friends who care enough about me to tell me what to listen to - thanks guys.


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