Reproductive Wednesday

Welcome to another edition of Reproductive Wednesday! If you have no clue what I am talking about - each week I post a reproductive story or two and then ask to see your stories - and you let me know when you post them on your blog so I can read about them! Like I always say! "If I can't be productive, at least I can be reproductive!"

Soooo - today, Mike and I would like to make an announcement...we are expecting undecaplets! That's right - 11 babies. I have put a counter on my side bar so you can stay tuned to when they are due. Only the babies we are expecting don't look quite like the counter, but more like this picture:

We found mom laying eggs in our sand box last Saturday. The next day, we dug them up and put them in our aquarium:

(the kids say we look a little crazy since we have an aquarium with only sand and a thermometer)


Mindi said...

congrats with your sexual experimentations......you are sooo ahead of your time!

ps we want photos!

Steph said...
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