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I'm tearfully removing my undecaplets widget over on the right at midnight tonight, giving up the ghost of hope. But before I do, I have just one thing to say to the creepy turtle who laid dud eggs in our sandbox, forcing us to dig them up and move them to a safe haven for 55 days while anxiously and eagerly awaiting the arrival of our "undecaplets": Its been quite a disappointment to my 5 kids that your "eggs" never hatched. Thanks a lot!

To my 6.5 readers - only 1 more day to enter your super spiffy strange recipe for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. So little work with so much potential reward. Do it! Now!


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Meg said...

Turtles -- you just can't depend on them. I think you need to go out and buy the kids a puppy. ;)