The County Fair

Things I always take for granted until I go to the county fair:

  • There are other songs besides Dream Weaver
  • 4 out of my 5 kids have the same biological father
  • Some people don't smoke
  • I have more than 50% of my teeth
  • I brush my teeth
  • Prison tattoos aren't really the bargain some people think they are
  • I was older than 15 when I had my first child
  • I don't have an infected nose or tongue piercing
  • I'm not on the road a lot for my job
  • Bingo isn't considered a "sport"
  • Playing bingo, yelling at your kids, and smoking at the same time isn't considered "multi-tasking"
  • Plastic canvas needlepoint is a judged competition
  • Funnel cakes aren't a food group



Meg said...

Are you trying to say there are a lot of retards, oops, I mean, ignoramouses who go to the fair?

Tiburon said...

Hands down the funniest post I have read in a week.

You crack me up.

Anonymous said...

My wife went to the county fair last week too, but she didn't get photos like you. She forgot her camera...and personally, I thought funnel cakes were a food group. ;)

For her post, see here.

Jinksy said...

So is playing bingo, yelling at your kids, eating funnel cake and smoking while getting tattooed at the same time considered "multi-tasking"?

I need to know my limits.

Diesel said...

I think they call them funnel cakes because they act as a funnel for all the fat to get into your body.

Stephanie M said...

Meg - I can't say much - I was at the fair myself when I made these observations...

Tib - thank you :)

ufr - I will check out her post!!

Jinksy - if you're singing dream weaver also - then most definitely multi-tasking.

Diesel - fat???? they told me they were fat-free?

damon said...

I absolutely love the fair. It always reminds me that MY life just aint so bad.

Kirsten said...

You have to admit that the fair is just about the best place for people watching. I always feel better about myself too!

AoE said...

soo. i'm wondering if I get some kind of royalty for you posting a picture of my teeth ...

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I'm too scared to go to the fair. Since I live in the capital (capitol?), we have the State Fair - and everything's big at the State Fair: the deep-fried twinkies, the deep-fried oreos, the deep-fried Snickers bars, the people...

Chris Wood said...

Hmm. Well, that challenges a fair few of my presumptions.