Perfect Solution

Its been awhile, granted, since I've fed an infant. But I can still remember crystal clearly what its like to sit with the baby for hours on end less than a foot from it's newborn face looking for flaws. One of the most common of flaws is infant acne. A dear friend who is high up in the medical field has recommended these Biore strips for infants.

So it may hurt a bit when you rip that strip off his/her nose, but that baby needs to learn early that you can't hold your head up very high if you have white or black heads on your nose. We all know there is a price for beauty - teach your newborn this valuable first lesson with Biore' Pore Perfect deep cleansing pore strips for infant acne.


SiouxsieQ said...

I looked high and low for something this perfect for the problem of cradle cap. Is that in your plans to address?

Mindi said...

my sister would love this so much--she always says the most painful thing when they are newborns is not picking all those little whiteheads!
now she can have closure!

Chat Blanc said...

baby facials could be big business at spas!