Hello from Sturgis

Dear Mom,

Sorry I haven't been in contact much since I've been here. I hope you and Bubba haven't been worrying about me! Its a lot like summer camp - so many people, and so much to do. It seems like we're ALWAYS out riding though - I would like a bit more time for shopping! The scooter's doing okay - not quite as fast as everyone else, but no one seems to mind. They've all been very encouraging. See you soon!

Love, Stephanie



SiouxsieQ said...

Is that a Vespa? Are you getting good gas mileage? Mr. Siouxsie wants to get a scooter -- looks like fun to me. I bet you fit right in out there with your pink scooter, but I didn't see any fringes or leather on you?

Chat Blanc (aka Sandy) said...

I'm so jealous, all those stud biker guys AND a pink scooter. :P

Alice said...

Your MS Paint skills are almost as good as mine!

Meg said...

Looks like fun! Gotta love a man in leather!

Anonymous said...

I actually saw the last picture first, so thought hey, her head looks a little out of proportion. Then I saw the other photos and caught up with what you were doing. Very funny.