My New Home School Curriculum

After home schooling now for 5 years, I have decided that the strain of teaching 5 kids, and the lack of free time have become too much for me. In light of this, I have revamped our curriculum this year. This ensures the kids are learning in a way that is fun and exciting, while also being very cost effective, little to no prep time needed, and a LOT of time for me to read and work on the computer:


Mindi said...

looks good to me.

i like to solve ALL my parenting problems with television.

Got Boys? said...

Oh Steph you are too funny! You know, being a public educator I must say it is also cost effective and would allow lots of reading and computer time :) Hee Hee. I don't know how you do it! G-man and I would literally kill each other! Your new curriculum should help with that though :)

Meg said...

I'm an educator too. But I have good friends who home-school and I love the idea. I just wish my kids would go to someone else's blog.

Yeah, I actually typed that. I mean, someone else's home.