New Resolve

After nearly a month of cleaning, I'm back. I felt it was hypocritical to be writing on my blog under the auspices of no cleaning when I was really cleaning. I've gotten much accomplished this month, and am so excited about a new product I've found that I had to sit down and tell you about it! (drum roll please....)I found this new product at the store the other day and immediately came home to try it out. What you do is spray it on those tough carpet stains, let it set for 5 minutes, "blot" with damp rag, and you're done. It works so well that after letting the cleaner set for 5 minutes, it was a challenge to find the stain to "blot". I even had a 3-month-old Coca-Cola incident in front of my couch that came out with the Resolve and some extra blotting! Awesome!


Tiburon said...

I have missed you TERRIBLY.

SiouxsieQ said...

Oh my goodness. I can breathe again now that you are back. Post often!

Mindi said...

why you go, lady??

seriously, it's time to PUT DOWN THE RESOLVE and get back to more important things. like ignoring your children why you blog.

missed you, stephanie!