New Hope for New America

While her response couldn't be considered timely, I could totally tell from this letter that she is completely engaged and excited about how much thought I had put into this proposal, and what a great idea it is. (I get that she has to kind of downplay it, not give me specific answers until she's 100% sure, etc. That's cool.)

Many of you may not remember my plea for a new American colony. And now, in the face of financial despair traveling around our country, and our world, I think more of you will be clinging to this new hope. So here it is - read up, and START PACKING! Amy is ON OUR SIDE! It could just be days away that we are free from the tyranny and hopelessness that is leaking through the radio and tv waves these days. And a mere blimp in time until we are in the beautiful northwoods of Russia tearing up the terrain in our Land Rover Defenders.


Chris C said...

I like the line about giving it a lot of thought.

Man, you write a whacky joke idea to your Congresspeople and they write back. I write to them about the bailout not really doing anything to solve anything using rational thought, common sense, and logic. Nary a reply did I receive.

Nary I say nary!

Stephanie M said...

In all seriousness, thank you for writing your letter to your congresspeople. I agree with you whole-heartedly about the bailout.

Chris C said...

Thanks! It didn't stop anything but it felt good knowing I did what I could as one citizen.

Next month all three of my Congresspeople are up for re-election. Two of them voted for the bailout and I'm no longer voting for them.

All I can do. Oh yah and make fun of on the internet hehe.