Rudimentary Vacuum Attachmentary

In furthering my quest for a cleaner home this week, I came upon some interesting paraphernalia on the side of my vacuum cleaner. After much time-consuming experimentation, I am delighted to share with you what I've found. Using these handy attachments, you will be amazed at your sudden ability to reach dust, dirt and cobwebs in those hard-to-reach places like the ceiling and behind heavy furniture. Here I am - fighting the cobwebs, and coming out on top:

Before you say to me "I can't do that", or "It's not fair, my vacuum doesn't come with attachments," go ahead and look at your equipment before falling on your bed face down in despair. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised!

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Robbie Leigh said...

Ha! That is really funny. Attachments are great, aren't they!? :)