Staying Cool

So the first item of business I have for the clean blog is electronic cigarettes. Because there is no second hand smoke. No nasty tooth staining. No bad breath. No tar. But - you still look cool smoking a ciggy, and maintain a really terrific reason to stop working for 15 minutes and take a smoke break. You're going to cry when I also tell you that the electronic cigarette lights up on the end, AND releases a non-toxic vapor which looks like smoke. Its like heaven on earth is what it is. If I had $95 extra dollars, I would buy one in 2 seconds flat.

Possible concerns:

  • Will it still help me lose weight?
  • Will my voice continue to horsen and deepen?
  • Can I chew gum after "smoking" even though my breath doesn't smell like death anymore?
  • Can I safely use it as a pointer when giving my kids jobs to do?
  • Will there be any danger of shock from holding my electronic cigarette in the same hand as my beer can?
  • Can smoke in bed now, if I want to?
  • Any advice on how to get Nicorette out of hair without cutting it off?

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