What the Kids are Saying About Brit

Britney may have several fragrances, "sang & danced" in music videos, own a couple pairs of fishnet stockings, and wear a great pair of cowboy boots BUT when I asked the kids what they thought of Brit - here's the response I got:

  • "Who's Britney Spears?" William, age 11
  • "She's OLD" Teresa, age 10
  • "She's got lots of problems" Shelby, age 8
  • "She's no Miley Cyrus" Dan, age 46 posing as a 7 year old in a chatroom.
  • "She's gross because sometimes she wears a bra on stage & sometimes she's naked" Maya, age 10
  • She's a bad example. I see her on tv and she's being chased by paparazzi. Kaylee, age 10
  • "She'll do anything to be in the spotlight, like shaving her head and tattooing it. Kyra, age 12


Robbie Leigh said...

So true! ...at least the perfumes smell good.

Funny Videos said...

Nice piece of funny post. The kids enjoyed it too

Vaibhav said...

The post rocks and the perfume does smell good!