Reproductive Wednesday

Well, we've had another very productive Reproductive Wednesday here at our house! (Yes, go ahead and use my idea and picture for your blog - I know you want to). What is more fun than a 6th grade maturation movie? More descriptive than a book about your body? More comfortable than an awkward conversation with your mom about how your body is changing? WALLEYE STRIPPING! Yes indeed - and here are some pictures of what we saw:

(See kids, its just like baking in the kitchen: add ingredients and stir)


Anonymous said...

Good way to introduce the topic... Wednesdays are always my favorite day of the week.

Grégoire said...

I think this is really fabulous.

The closest my kids have been to nature is the odd ferry ride from one concrete-and-steel platform to another, and the occasional trip to the zoo or park.

You could probably have some pretty interesting discussions about biology, genetics, etc. as well as fodder for a conservation lecture. Good on ya!