Reinventing the Wheel

I have been working on a project since the middle of January called reinventing myself.  Basically I'm still the same make and model, but was in need of a tune-up, some body work, new tires, and cleaner fuel.  I decided that 3 weeks makes better habits, and there were habits I wanted to change. 
These included:
  • Wake up earlier.  I typically slept in as late as I could, which most often was 8 am, but if the kids slept later, then so would I.  I now wake up between 5:45-6 am.
  • Exercise 3-4 times per week.  I am now up to exercising about 6 days per week, just because the weather is so beautiful.
  • Keep a food diary.  I started using My Fitness Pal to track my food and exercise on daily.  I have not missed a day in the last 125 days of journaling.
  • Eat whole foods.  I want to be healthy from the inside out, so am limiting refined sugars, refined carbs, processed foods, and animal products with hormones and antibiotics in them.  I am also trying to replace fruits and vegetables on the dirty dozen list with their organic counterparts.  I also said good-bye to a friend I've had since we first met at the middle school catering truck in 1983: Diet Coke. I don't know what effects 30 years of drinking Diet Coke has on a person, or if they are reversable, but I'm not looking back.
  • Lose weight.  I am committed and determined to eat in a calorie range where I continue to lose these extra pounds.
  • Buy a new wardrobe.  As clothes become too big for me, I am ditching them.  I have bought several new things each month to replace what I'm throwing away, but am going to wait to buy most of my new clothes until I am finished losing weight. 
  • Read my Bible and devotional, and help my kids start this good habit as well.  This one is a challenge for me, but the kids are doing a great job!  I am going to keep working on this.
125 days into my project, I am feeling successful!  22 pounds lost, but more importantly, consistant exercise and good eating.  Giving up sugar and processed carbs was difficult at first, but now that my tastebuds like the taste of my new food, its been a joy to eat healthily.  I don't crave carbs and sugar like I used to. 

I found a neighbor willing to go for a morning walk with me, which has been extremely motivating -  I can't lay around in bed if someone is waiting for me!  I have also signed up for 3 running races to keep me moving and training, started back with my aerobics class once per week, and took my first hot yoga class last night. 

Tweaking my calorie intake to lose weight has been a challenging experiment.  I have found that to lose weight, I have to eat at or under 1300 calories per day, (plus I can eat any calories I burn exercising).  When I go above a weekly average of 1300 net calories per day, or don't exercise, my weight loss comes to a standstill. 

Above all, I would like to make changes in my life that are sustainable.  If I can't keep doing them, what good are they?  I don't want to be another yo-yo dieter.  I want to be remodeled and remolded.

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Robbie Leigh said...

This is encouraging and great job!!