Chess Mania

In February, Liam competed in the Eastern Upper Peninsula (of Michigan) Winter Olympics in Chess. He, Jonathan, and Gabe had been going to chess club every Thursday afternoon during December, January, and February preparing for the big 'tourney'. Liam placed 2nd in the elementary school division (5th and 6th grades).

In addition to enjoying war strategy games, Liam is a great athlete. He plays baseball, football, runs, skis, and wrestles. He would do more if Mike and I had the time and money to shuttle him around, but we've had to draw the line somewhere. Last night, he competed in a wrestling meet and came home with a 2nd place trophy in his bracket (a group of 3 or 4 wrestlers the same age & weight).

Way to go Liam! Mom and Dad are so proud of you!


Johnson said...

Thanks for the link to my blog! I'm glad that you enjoy reading it. We are now starting stories about our stick figure kids. haha We are crazy I know. It will be fun reading yours, so thanks for sending the link to the yahoo group.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Liam Hunt Martin I! Bet I can't beat you anymore-not that I ever could. Nano

Mindi said...

who has kids that smart? i wish i knew the first thing about chess--it always seems so too advanced for me!

Stephanie M said...

We all have our strengths. Chess is a boy strength, our strength is that we can accumulate (clothes, decorations, useless celebrity information, and good music!) HTH, Stephanie