Wild Hair

Once upon a time, in the not so distant past, Mike and I had a wild hair. We thought it would be fun to have a 5th child. We decided that in order to GUARANTEE our request for a girl child, we should adopt. We decided that we would like an older child, so we looked at all the countries in the world. We then decided we would like to adopt from a country who needed families, so we looked at Africa. We found Liberia, and then we found Dianna.

Dianna is a beautiful 5 year old with lots of life. She is a natural athlete with a strong, resilient, pleasant personality. The transition (6 months now) has been surprisingly difficult while also being surprisingly easy. It is amazing what children like Dianna have to go through to get to us, and still be able to function and be happy and sane! But it is also a challenge to adapt to each other, bond, and integrate. If only it were as easy as assimilation into the Borg Collective!

One of many blessings is that Dianna's best friend from the orphanage is living in the States, and we have been able to see her TWICE in the 6 months they've been here.


jude said...

Here's Nanny!! How fabulous you've made your blog and so cool, so laid back, so lady lit, so family tuned! You can see I do not blog well-your pictures are awesome -and I know all of you!!

From Five to Eight said...

Hi Stephanie,
I'm Teresa and we adopted Gbanko (now Josie) her brother Garlayma (Isaac-almost 8) and sister Marie (9 almost 10)
We've been home over a month now!
My blog is fivetoeight@blogspot.com
(don't look for frequent updates :)

Becky said...

Hi Stephanie!

I love your blog and am excited to catch up on how things are going for you.

Becky Avella

Donna Barber said...

HI Stephanie-
So glad you started a blog!!
I was wondering how you were doing and Diana too. She is a beautiful little girl and looks so happy!
Stay in touch!

Mindi said...

what an awesome story! thanks for sharing it--