Important Information Discovered Today!

I've said it before, and don't mind repeating myself in this case: I HATE TO COOK. But a reader, who is also a friend, sent me this website today, and it looks to have great recipes which are also easy, and a little humor thrown in, which I'll take anytime! Plus, it's called Pioneer Woman! I'm making this recipe asap. I think even I can handle it. Except what the heck are pimientos?

Another great find of the day is this: Have you ever heard of Liberty's Kids? It is one of the BEST shows ever made, and was on PBS only one year before it was canceled. There are 40 episodes starting at the Boston Tea Party, and the ending at George Washington becoming president. The kids L-O-V-E it, plus it teaches some great history and has great voices (Dustin Hoffman, Arnold Schwalkjldgnegger, Walter Cronkite, on and on). Anyhow, today I found the episodes online here and just wanted to recommend them to you. Sign up for 30 days for free Discovery Education Streaming, and then search for Liberty's Kids. Its got all 40 episodes! Another place I found 5 of the episodes is at kewlcartoons.com.

You can show your deep appreciation for this helpful information by telling me where to find some very satisfying milk chocolate with no calories.

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