I've written about everyone else but the man who made this laptop possible: my husband Mike. He is every bit as warm and wonderful as his picture suggests. And so handsome! He is a hard worker at that job he goes to every day, is a good father - and patient with me even though I can't cook, hate to clean the house, and like to shop. Mike will even go hunting and fishing for us in order to provide the most expensive meat on the face of the Earth. He says NOTHING is too good for us. Here's to you, sweetie!


Anonymous said...

You are so hilarious SM. Love it that you have a blog. Maybe I'll get around to writing something on mine. But, alas, I can't imagine it would be quite as delightful as yours. Love ya! Susan (in Ohio with Greg and the 5 munchkins)

About the AoE said...

A man that great deserves a handsome Army of Epiphenomenon Urban Camo Cap!