The 3 Amigos

There are some rough boys in our area who come in for the occasional provisions, and refer to themselves as the "THREE AMIGOS". I saw this poster hanging up at the post office this morning, and it truly alarmed me. (We will have to be more careful from now on about who we hand out food to).

As soon as I got home, I took a little walk around the perimeter of our 2 acre property to see how these little varmints are surviving and here's what I found:
A crude shelter made of fallen branches and wood stolen from our pole barn, with a roof made of smaller fallen branches and twigs. I found 2/3 of the amigos hiding out there. Part of me wants to feel sorry for them and take them into our home. The other part is full of disgust that these outlaws have taken up residence on our property. I can't figure out how I have missed spotting their little home before now.
A little further investigation on the other side of the house brought another revelation: the other 1/3 of the gang was busy checking a live trap. I believe they must be trying to sell animal hides at a local rendezvous, but I can't be sure. I am going to hold off for now reporting them in order to continue my investigation.


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Mindi said...

we used to always go somewhere, stake out our claim, and build a hut--AND we lived in town!! i can't even imagine what we could have come up with if we were out in the country..