New America

If you've spent any time with me, you've heard "I have a new book idea!" come out of my mouth. I have no presumptions that I am any kind of writer, and I have little follow through with that kind of time commitment, BUT I do have ideas!

Some of my recent book ideas:

A cookbook of recipes with surprise ingredients. (I think Jessica Seinfeld stole this idea from me with her Deceptively Delicious cookbook which confirms to me that my idea was good, but also tells me I have a 'friend' who can't keep a secret).

A romance novel about a woman who has to help her mother with online dating since her mother doesn't know how to use a computer, and meets a man who is helping his computer-illiterate father. This (single) woman has a boatload of kids, and spends over 3 hours running back and forth from the computer lab of the library (where kids aren't allowed), to the kids section of the library (where kids can't be left unattended) helping her mother sign up for said online dating service on the computer, and that's just the beginning!

My latest book idea is called A Plea For a New American Colony. According to the most recent forecasts, Russia's population of 143 million people is expected to decrease by 22 percent between now and the year 2050. If the figures are borne out, Russia could lose up to 42 percent of its active working population (click here for more information). And they have a huge country covering 17,075,200 square kilometers, which is 1.8 times greater than the U.S. The United States has an estimated current population of 303,631,166 and is growing. So since we have over twice the number of people in nearly half the space, I am thinking our government needs to purchase or lease a plot of land in Russia, and send over a colony! If you look on the map, you'll see where I am proposing our new colony be located: I have chosen this spot because of low population density (0-1 people per square km), but plenty of precipitation, and natural resources such as gold and oil, which will be so important for our new economy. I will rename the Ural mountains in this area 'the new Rockies', and you'll notice we also have a port, which will also be critical to our growing colony. (For more map info, click here).

I am writing this post with tongue in cheek, of course. But part of me does think it would be super fun to be a modern day pioneer riding around desolate Russia in my Land Rover Defender discovering new country while my strong, manly husband builds us a home out of logs.


About the AoE said...

What an awesome idea! the visual aides really helped me to see what you're talking about - and show me that such a plan is viable and possible.

Would I have to make my wife wear a bonnet? I'd love to where a beard and a six-shooter, but I don't think I could sell the wife on the bonnet.

Stephanie M said...

Either you're in or you're not. If your wife wants to be a pioneer in my colony, she'll wear what I tell her to wear! End of story.

About the AoE said...

sounds like a bit of past russian leadership is already influencing you...

Kelley said...

Count me in. I'm so sick of this liberal place. I'd wear a bonnet, stockings, girdle, whatever you dictate!