I was frustrated because there had been no news about Britney lately which really throws any kind of blog writer like myself into a tailspin for lack of material. But yesterday, I was rewarded by Yahoo with this article:

Paris needs a new BFF, (best friend forever), and what better way to find one than on a reality show. According to Hilton, who is the executive producer of the reality show, the 20 contestants will live, together, compete for the title of BFF, and learn from Paris "the secrets of celebrity living — how to turn your enchanted life into a multimillion dollar brand, how to manage public feuds and always rise above, how to survive scandal and then make it work for you, all the while wearing 6-inch heels." I don't know about you, but it sounds like everything I ever went to college for, but didn't learn. If you're interested in applying and/or learning all her secrets so you can 'find yourself' in prison, become your own reality show exec. producer someday, and have your own fragrance, here's the lowdown. If only we heard more publicity about more rich people, just because they are rich, then life would seem worth living.

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Mindi said...

i really shouldn't care about a shallow, self-consumed person like paris or britney or any of those chicks--but i do!! why are they so freakin' fascinating? hmm mmmmm