Difficult Fashion Choices Part 2

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Another chance for you to show your fashion savvy here. Another set of difficult choices. Fat free vs. sugar free, Old Navy vs. The Gap, Honda vs. Toyota, and..... wide leg vs. tapered. Is it time to throw one (or both) of these comfy jeans away? I never know what is "in" at a particular moment in time. I have difficulty with fashion. I read an article recently that said you should spend more money on jeans than other items of clothing. You should buy two pairs and have one pair hemmed for everyday shoes and one pair hemmed to wear with high heels? Please tell me where to purchase a pair of jeans that looks good with high heels! Wouldn't those jeans have to be kind of tapered? You couldn't wear wide leg jeans with high heels, could you? Unless they meant high heeled boots? Help!


Linda said...

I think there is a misconception to the idea that there is a good pair of jeans. There are so many elements to it. For instance one day I may think that I love my jeans and then I put them on and think "what happened?" And then what about the depression that sets in when the "baggy jeans" that you bought are now your "fitted" jeans. And when is something "out" and when is it "in" - I can't keep up. The other day I saw Becca wrapping the bottom of her jeans with masking tape before she put her boots on and I thought I fell into a time warp. If she would have seen me doing that last month she would have died. I guess that is why I prefer to stay in my P.J.s all day.

Stephanie M said...

Very good point! No one, and I mean NO ONE, can fault you for bucking the fashion trends when you're wearing PJ's!

Mindi said...

okay, i am a freak about jeans, so here's the tough love--the tapered need to go. if they are "skinny" jeans, then they could stay, but tapered are just wrong on a lot of different levels.
having said that, i have alot of wider leg jeans that i wear with high heels--i keep those extra long so that they come down over the back of the high heel, almost so long that i couldn't wear them very well with flats.
you need to spend some good money (like $75-150, ouch)on a couple of good pair of jeans, i agree--we have a store here called "buckle" that has a ton of diff jeans and really helpful sales people who will advise. if you want something more midrise, tell them and they will find the right brand, style, etc. i promise you wouldn't be sorry!!

Stephanie M said...

Thanks! I will have to visit the Buckle when I'm there in June!