Journalism to Write About

In the most outlandish piece of journalism ever written, or at least ever read by me, you can learn about camels, using robots instead of children as jockeys for racing camels, test-tube purebred camels, and purchasing camels for over 4 million dollars. And here's another article about the same country, Dubai, that I've never heard of.

Wait, I take that back. The most OUTLANDISH piece of "journalism" every recorded was an article in People magazine (it pains me to say that, since I'm probably People's biggest fan) about (surprise) Tori Spelling. It was about her wedding/honeymoon to hubby #2. It was a "private" ceremony with just the two of them, no, wait, 4 of them if you count the guy who married them and THE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER from People mag. After the ceremony, the 3 of them built a sand castle together. Touching. You can read more about it here - they say words that I don't, but it aptly expresses how I feel about it.

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