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My sweater reminded me this morning that I haven't talked about him in My Favorites. He has been feeling badly for a week now, ever since he first discovered I was talking about My Favorites, and hadn't thought to mention him. I am very sorry Sweater - it was an oversight. Please forgive me - you are the only sweater I would save in the event of a house fire, I promise! You are warm even on the coldest of days. I wear you practically every day all winter long, whether I am skiing, walking, grocery shopping or typing on the computer. You get stinky sometimes, so I throw you into the washing machine (but not the dryer), and you come out softer and sweeter every time! Here is what I love best about you:
  • You are cashmere and so unbelievably soft
  • You were my dad's before you were mine
  • You were XL, and have boiled down a little so you are thicker and better than before
  • No matter how many times I wash you, there's no piling.
  • You are water-resistant - I can wear you in the rain, and my undershirt won't get wet
  • You are thin and not bulky
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