Adoption Finalization - check!

May 22 - Our adoption of Dianna is finalized and official, after a 2 year process. We were expecting that the judge would change Dianna's birth certificate, which currently states her birthday as 8/3/2003, to 8/3/2002, but she "didn't have the authority to do that". Which means we have a sad girl who will be 5 years old for 2 years straight. This makes her 3 months younger than Maggie. (Now that Maggie is 5, she has been explaining to people we meet on the street that they are both 5, but not twins....)

We came out of the courtroom, down the stairs, and a man stopped us to ask if we were on a field trip. (This is the second time in less than 2 weeks someone has asked me that). I told him everyday is a freaking field trip for us.


Mindi said...

congrats, stephanie!!
and yes,every day is a freaking field trip--best line ever!

jude urbanski said...

Congratulations on a happy day! Sure wish that birthday thing could have worked out. As teacher, can you give her a double promotion so that she'll be ahead of Miss Mag? Life is interesting that's for sure. Love the pic-thanks for sharing with us!
Nan and Dziadzi

Donna Barber said...

Although I admit during those field trip days there seems to be diversions through mine fields. :0)