In a recent article about the presidential candidates and the very highly scientific study of Graphology, experts can determine who will make a better president based solely on their signature. Graphologists examine loops, crossed "t's," letter spacing, slants, heights, ending strokes, etc., but they believe that such handwriting minutiae are physical manifestations of unconscious mental functions. Graphologists believe such details can reveal as much about a person as astrology, palm reading, psychometry, rumpology (which is my next blog post), or the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator. (hmmmmm). However, there is no evidence that the unconscious mind is a reservoir of truth about a person, much less that graphology provides a gateway to that reservoir. (I'd like to add that nothing about my mind is a reservoir, but more a puddle. Anyhow, carry on).

Graphology is claimed to be useful for everything from understanding health issues, morality and past experiences to hidden talents and mental problems. Most importantly, even NON-EXPERTS are able to correctly identify the gender of a writer about 70% of the time!! (This I'm really looking forward to as I've been wanting to identify my gender for a long time AND I'm a non-expert!) For more information on Graphology, check this out.

I am now going to put on my Forensic Document Examiner hat and dissect my own signature to extract my true character (and gender).

Slant of my writing is neither to the left or right, so that indicates

Moderate, restrained emotional expression. Except when tired and dealing with children, and/or animals who pee in the house, as indicated by the low height of the h, meaning tolerance in these situations is rather low.

The angle of the lines on unlined paper is slanted upward, so that indicates:

Optimism and higher energy.

We take into consideration the general shape of the strokes (circular vs. angular vs. square vs. squiggles). My Circular handwriting indicates:

An agreeable, easygoing nature. It is not quite clear from the handwriting if this is a natural personality trait, or something inspired by narcotics.

Next, we look at the letter "t", which has the largest number of interpretations. For example where the horizontal "bar" of the t is placed on the vertical "stem" indicates where one places their goals, while the height of the t stem indicates the potential to accomplish those goals. A low t bar indicates goals set lower than what can be accomplished. A t bar high on the stem indicates goals set high. A t bar that is above the stem indicates setting goals higher than can be accomplished. Mine would indicate:

Moderate potential with goals set neither too high or too low. The marker fading out at the end of the stroke when crossing the t unfortunately indicates that subject peters out just before actually completing the goal or task.

Finally, we assess the pressure applied on the paper while writing, which indicates the emotional intensity behind a person's behavior. The heavier the pressure, the more intense the emotions of that person. Since my signature is neither signed with too little pressure or too much pressure, this would indicate:

Flabby arms without enough muscle strength to provide adequate pressure coupled with intense emotions stemming from excessive chaos in the home and way to much dirty laundry piled up. This would also indicate writer to be female.

Wow! This is truly amazing! So accurate!


Bud said...

:) - oh BTW, you are the funnier sibling again...

hwexpert said...

Use of a marker shows you used the first thing you found as a writing tool but the width of the stroke that you have enough energy to tackle your day. The connectedness of the letters and rounded h and n that you are a cumulative thinker who takes things one step at a time so you don't leave anything out. The close i dot that you are loyal to family and friends and God help those who disappoint you because while you say you forgive them you will never trust them. The t bar fading out shows you can be sarcastic when aroused and if someone's feeling get hurt by it so what.The upper and lower parts of the letters are basically the same size so you are an emotionally balanced person. The e's are open so you will listen to anothers views and opinions but you have your own and are not easily swayed to change it..

Stephanie M said...

WOW!!! I don't know how you found my blog, but that was really nice of you to leave a comment. I can't believe that you can get that much out of a signature! It was like my fortune being told - the marker thing was right on!

Mary said...

Wow Stephanie, it sounds like someone really knows you. :O) Or is at least out to get their point across....Hmmm......sounds suspicious to me.......

Mr. said...

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