Coming out of the Closet

In real life, I don't have a tiny tat, but a normal-sized tattoo. And I really really love it. There has not been one day that I've regretted it in the last 5 years that I've had it. It is on my right upper thigh, so the only people that ever get to see it besides my family are the lucky ba***rds at the motel swimming pool.

This national symbol of the Isle of Man is best described by the Latin motto, "Quocunque Jeceris Stabit", which, as you know, means "Whichever way you throw, it will stand". The Three Legs device appears on the Manx national flag, and on all the Isle of Man's currency notes and on some of its coins and postage stamps. The three legged badge was popular as a tattoo, especially amongst Manx seamen. Captain Bligh of the Bounty described his young Midshipman Peter Heywood, who was involved in the mutiny in 1789, as being "Very much tatowed & on the Right leg..." My grandmother is from the Isle of Man, so maybe I'm even RELATED to Peter Heywood and his mutiny lives on in me today in the form of my own rebelliousness
....hmmm.....it is just a teeny tiny island after all.

I secretly find tattoos addicting, and my next tattoo will be a shamrock with a little harp on my left foot somewhere. To celebrate my Irish half.


Steph said...

Congratulations on your bravery. I have been torn for years over the tattoo thing. Here is what I want to do, but I am unsure. Give me your opinion.
I am Jewish, and although I am lax about a lot of it, I would not get a tattoo out of respect for the Jews who were tattooed against their will/beliefs in the Holocaust.
My uncle survived Dachau, and he has a number on his forearm. He is going to die soon, and I want to tattoo his number on my forearm in his memory. It would also help people to remember the Holocaust and make sure it never happens again. I regret that I never asked my uncle about it while he was still able to communicate, but I know he did not like it to show. I DID ask him about that once, and he said it was just because he didn't want to explain.

I would just do it without talking to my family first, because I suspect it would create drama. My husband thinks it would cause problems-the same reason my uncle liked to keep his covered-but I could just say it is in memory of my uncle and leave it at that.

So...what would Stephanie2 do?

Stephanie M said...

Steph2 is all about getting tattoos and DEFINITELY ones that have family meaning. I would go for it and not tell anyone until after your uncle passes away. That is so amazing that he survived Dachau! I went through a concentration camp (Breendonk) last summer, and I will never forget it. What a great way to remember your uncle and all he survived. I would get it in the same place he did too, on the same arm. if it were me.

Mindi said...

i refuse to believe you don't have the tiny tats as you know i am in love with them. so i will go on believing......just because.

but kick ass real tat, btw!