Some Good Advice

May I recommend to you eyebrow waxing? Please don't take it personally. It's something I think everyone could benefit from, not just you. Although, I must warn you, there is some trauma involved (my face is an ANGRY red after having those little hairs ripped out by the roots). But see how nice and defined my eyebrows are after our little procedure, and how much happier I am? My face looks uncluttered, doesn't it? Yours could look like that too, you know. I think I would even like you more if you waxed your eyebrows. But no pressure, really. If you want to go around with messy eyebrows and no clear definition, whatever. I have to tell you, honestly - you look almost angry and depressed with those large hairy brows kind of drooping down into your eyelid area. This is what friends are for, right?

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Donna Barber said...

I have to tell you that I LOVE your sense of humor!!

Have your people call my people and we will do lunch.

Yes I do eyebrow waxing!! ha!
So you wont be embarrassed to be seen with me.